I am a fairly sensitive person. Those who know me might be thinking, “No way! She’s pretty easy going and not easily offended.”  But what I mean by sensitive is that energetically I can feel the energy of others very easily.  Before I realized this, I often found coping mechanisms for my uncomfortableness such as isolation and over exercising.  Neither of these are very doable for long periods of time without unpleasant consequences. After reading several books on energy and setting boundaries, I figured out how to stay protected and connected. 


The strongest tool I have is intention and using it as a focused commitment.  I found this to be a critical step in protecting my boundaries when working so closely with clients and staff. Prior to starting my workday at CORE, I intentionally set my energy on bringing love and light into the clinic and opening my mind and heart to listening to guidance in providing the clients exactly what they need that day.   Another place I try and set a clear intention is when Amy and I are preparing for a podcast.  We both openly set the intention that our podcast brings helpful information to all of those listening.  This clear act of intentionality is the process of “Setting Your Energy”.  Setting our energy is equivalent to blowing a whistle on the field.  The sound assembles not only on the players, but also the referees, fans, and popcorn sellers. In short, we want to set an intention so strongly that everything and everyone inside and outside holds hands and joins in the game.


Sometimes I like to do something a little more visible and physical to create a boundary. One of my favorite techniques is to put on my headphones. I must admit I learned this trick from my husband. I’ve discovered I need some alone time in my day and that is really hard to find with employees at the office needing me and kids and a husband needing me at home. When I am really needing some space and there isn’t an option to shut my office door, (FYI...that is a poor design in my home office!), I put my headphones on with classical music. The music drowns out the sounds from the house and if my family sees me wearing headphones they know that mom is working so don’t bother her. I even use this trick at the office so I can focus. Even when I shut my office door at work, I can still hear conversations going on and this can sometimes distract me. Therefore, the headphones with music help at the office too.


One more tool I use to set up a boundary is one I set with myself. Since I can be easily distracted, I often need a solution/boundary with myself to help with this focus problem. When I have a short amount of time to get something done, I will set a timer for an estimated time I think it will take me to get my work done. During this time, I will only focus on what I have set out to do. Therefore, no bathroom break, no water cooler break, no email, Facebook, or Instagram break. I will strictly focus on the task at hand. By doing this little trick I find I can get way more done in a day than before. This leaves more time for my myself, my family and my friends.


Spirit to spirit is a process I read about in Cyndi Dale’s Book, Energetic Boundaries.  When you need to engage with someone who triggers you, it’s great to establish spiritual borders. This assures clean and pure boundaries, leaving us able to receive accurate, clear, information and guidance for ourselves or to offer it to others.

Step 1 

Affirm you are full, powerful, spiritual, and loving being. Breath into your heart while making this affirmation.

Step 2 

Affirm that the person is also a fully developed and loving spiritual being.

Step 3 

Call upon the presence of the Divine, which immediately shifts the situation into whatever it is supposed to be, while providing you with necessary insight, protection, healing, or act of grace.


The last and probably the most simple and quick energetic boundary is to draw an imaginary square or circle around you with your minds eye.  This helps fill any holes you might have in your energy body.

All these boundary tools really help me keep my day more balanced. After all, that is what living an EnVibe Life means to me.

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