Establishing Core Values for Your Business

Establishing Core Values for Your Business

My husband and I have owned a successful business, CORE Therapy and Pilates, which combines physical therapy and mindful exercise (Pilates and Gyrotonic), for many years. A few years ago, we realized that it was time to make some major changes in our operations in response to changes in the health care industry and converted from a model based upon health insurance payment for services to a completely cash-pay, or “concierge care”, model.  We knew that in order to thrive in this new environment, we needed to make fundamental changes from the ground up—starting with establishing CORE values to guide our business. 

At our next team meeting (also a new part of the business model!), we asked everyone to write one value they wanted to live their life by and would also like to see in their work place.  This is what we came up with as a team: 

Deliver a WOW Experience 
Have Fun, Be Happy and Laugh 
Pursue Growth and Lifelong Learning 
Build Honest and Open Communication Channels 
Be Humble and Kind, Have Integrity 
Connect With the Person before the Client 
Embrace Inevitable Change 
Create Positive Team Spirit 
Be Mindful, Present and Listen 
Understand Needs: Stated and Unstated 

These values play a crucial role in the operation of our business.  We hire and fire by them. They are displayed on a large color poster-board in our lobby so that every client sees them and understands this is what we value and this is what they can expect from us.   

I highly recommend to any fellow entrepreneur or manager to establish CORE values for your business or team.  I even believe this is a good personal exercise for your own life. These values can change, evolve and grow as you and your business do.  Enjoy! 

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