Exercising for Your 7th Chakra

Exercising for your 7th Chakra

Our 7th Chakra, the crown chakra, is located in our cerebral cortex, which is located at the uppermost part of the brain. This is the energy center of universal knowledge and spiritualism, which connects you to the divine. Here is where we want to merge with divine consciousness and realize our true nature. The realization that we are all children of the divine seeking our way back home, and there is a deeper meaning to life that underlies all of existence, starts here in our 7th Chakra.

Our purpose in the seventh Chakra is to contact the divine and manifest divinity in our bodies and actions and so transform the world. When looking through the lens of our seventh Chakra, we can see God in all people and things. To arrive at the fully blooming crown chakra, we need to be connected to the earth, with our roots deep in the ground.

What is our consciousness? 

We think of consciousness as our thoughts, but thoughts are what consciousness creates.  We also feel the pull of consciousness on our emotions.  What or who feels those emotions, and how do we experience feeling?  This is the knowledge discovered in our crown chakra. To become aware of our consciousness is to be aware of the unified field in which all existence is embedded.  Sometimes the consciousness is referred to as the witness. The witness sits and watches without judgment.  The witness is something above and beyond the body experience, even though it silently observes all events. The witness may be the soul that has lived beyond this lifetime. It may be a divine intelligence that is larger than us. To become aware of the witness is to be aware of the divine essence that dwells in all of us.  The witness is the internal guide, the invaluable friend, and the deep inner knowing of oneself.

Opening our crown chakra is about expanding our awareness to embrace a larger portion of the universal field of consciousness. There are many ways to open our crown chakra, but here are a few exercises to help with this opening.


Amy and I discuss meditation often and the many ways you can incorporate meditation into your life. If you are starting with your meditation practice, check out Amy’s article, Starting a Meditation Practice. I love to think of meditation as the listening part of my daily prayers.

Spiritual Practice

Many nutrition experts express the importance of the daily choices you make in regard to your food. Therefore, splurging on the chocolate cake over the weekend shouldn’t throw you off if you are not choosing the chocolate cake daily.  I like to apply this to my spiritual practice. Yes, I try to attend church on Sunday, but I find it more rewarding to find time for prayer and/or ritual around my spiritual practice daily.

Study and Education

Picking up a book or attending a retreat weekend are great ways to continue learning about spirituality. Amy and I are also avid readers. Check our article on our Top 5 Books for Your Spiritual Journey and our Podcast’s “Book Club” discussion.


Mindfulness is the practice of staying present.  Try to direct your thoughts and attention to the moment in front of you instead of reliving your past or worrying about your future.  Check out our EnVibe Life Conversations on this topic: Podcast 2 Mindfulness, Podcast 51 How We Have Used Mindfulness to Help with Managing Stress.


Lastly, I would like to remind you to breathe. Breath is our life force and is an excellent indicator of our emotional state.  Rapid breathing is indicative of stress.  Calm breathing can relax your nervous system and make all of the exercises above more achievable.  

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