Finding Calm Amid Chaos

Finding Calm Amid Chaos
Finding Calm Amid Chaos

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There are so many events and situations in our world and our country that are causing stress and anxiety in most of us right now. How can we stay grounded and calm in the middle of that?  

Today, Cheryl and Amy discuss the underlying anxiety we are all feeling and share tools they are using to maintain wellness in the middle of a chaotic environment.

In This Podcast:

04:23 – Facing change and the unknown.
06:11 – COVID Fatigue.
07:00 – Evaluating ourselves during the dark moments.
07:37 – Signs of personal stress.
11:29 – Balancing the chakras through physical movement.
13:08 – The connection of the mind and the body.
14:00 – Holding past traumas.
15:11 – Ground yourself and remind yourself that “All is well.”
17:26 – Take a step back and put some perspective on your current situation.
18:42 – Find some ways to address your stress.
19:46 – The only thing we truly have control over is ourselves.
21:14 – Tools to stay grounded and find peace.
23:26 – Create some boundaries with yourself.
24:29 – Healing through laughter.
25:17 – Mindful movement.
26:59 – “All is well.”
29:20 – Do things that bring positivity into your life.

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