Integrating Technology Into Our W(holy) Human Lives with Holly Hutcher-Shamir

Integrating Technology Into Our W(holy) Human Lives with Holly Hutcher-Schamir
Integrating Technology Into Our W(holy) Human Lives With Holly Hutcher-Shamir

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Today, we speak to Holly Hutcher-Shamir, a wellness consultant and naturopathic practitioner, about integrating technology into our modern lives. Holly is the co-author of The Quantum Olympics: Human Beings Transforming to Live as W(holy) Beings in the 21st Century.

In This Podcast:

03:45 – Holly’s perspective on the growing advancement of technology.
07:41 – The Krebs Cycle and the impact of blue light on our energy.
13:09 – Technology can free levels of creativity for humans.
13:32 – Conversational capitalization and the personalization of data.
14:18 – How should we approach all these technology advances? Fear vs. gratitude.
15:03 -- Look at your family to reflect your spiritual practice to you.
21:56 – Why do we have to compartmentalize?
24:12 – Tools for integrating the effects of technology.
24:18 -- Living as w(holy) human beings.
27:14 – The Key of Life.
27:53 – The benefits of nature and sunlight.
32:18 – Trust yourself and your inner guidance.
34:49 – This is where the key is.
36:25 – What does Holly do to bring balance to her daily life?

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