Posture Tips to Ease Neck and Back Pain in the Workplace

Posture Tips to Ease Neck and Back Pain in the Workplace

I recently received this question from a patient in my clinic…

“Stephen, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Repetitive Strain Injury from work and although I’ve been given a wrist brace for when I’m on the computer, I still seem to suffer from bad posture. What would help improve my posture at work??…”
Jane, 46, Austin

This is a common question I am often asked about posture. Most people really underestimate the importance of great posture and the advantages it can provide to your lifestyle.

Think about how much of your time is spent at work doing whatever it is that you do. And now, with increased demands of working from home, some people are actually spending more time stationary at their desks and on their computers. But if you have bad posture throughout your day, in the long run, it can have a serious negative effect.

Here are a few tips to consider for better posture and ultimately, making it a healthy habit in your lifestyle.

Sit Up Straight

This tip might seem quite obvious but the first thing I’d recommend is to keep your back as straight as possible. Adjust your seat so that you are not leaning back or forward. Remember the chair’s features are there for a reason, to make you feel supported!

Take Breaks

Another tip is to set a timer for every 30 minutes and get up out of your chair and step away from your work. This is really important to keep productive and minimize the fatigue from long bouts of uninterrupted sitting.

If you stand up at work, then standing correctly really does help. It is very common to shift your weight onto one leg and lean onto the table with your elbows. Sound familiar? Unfortunately this is pretty much how not to stand. Ultimately all you are doing to your body is putting strain on particular muscles while you ‘rest’. When standing, keep equal weight through each leg and stand tall.


If you are sitting or standing, take a few moments to MOVE your SPINE! Arch – Curl – Twist – Side Bend – Ahhhh!!!

Now using a wrist brace may help with your wrist pain, but it really is not going to provide any postural benefit of the spine, which directly effects the position of the wrist and hand at the PC.

So my answer to Jane is simple, start putting these tips into action today and commit to them over the long haul.

Good Posture Becomes You!

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