• PERFECT FRESH KEEPING: 100% seal anti-leakage, keep wine tasting fresh up to 10 days
  • RAISE A TOAST TO GREAT CHAMPAGNE: We all want champagne that retains its effervescence.
  • KEEPS YOUR DELICIOUS BUBBLY: Stainless-steel design & food-grade silicone seal ensures that this restaurant-grade champagne stopper will keep your bubbles fresh.
  • STOPS YOUR BUBBLY FROM LOSING ITS FIZZ: Stainless-steel locking clips, silicone seal and pressure pump create an airtight vacuum effectively preserving effervescence and original fresh taste inside your favorite bottle of champagne, prosecco, cava or sparkling wine, long after opening.


  • Large Capacity - 68oz/2000ml glass pitcher with lid, suitable for family daily drinking or party guests. The closed cover at the top has a hidden opening, which can be used for quick water pouring and filtration.
  • Superior Material - Superior borosilicate glass contains no harmful substance, lead-free, lightweight and durable, stainless steel filter lid, drip- free spout with different ports, solid thick glass pitcher.
  • Easy Cleaning - Lid is detachable and has a smooth surface, easy to clean, large handle and comfortable to hold. The big mouth at the top allows your hand to reach to the bottom, making internal cleaning very convenient and easy.
  • Hot & Cold Both Nice - Glass pitcher withstands temperature resistance of 0 to 300 ° F. So cold or boiling water can be poured directly into it. The spout of the glass pitcher is large enough to add ice cubes and sliced lemon,fits well in most fridges.
  • Multi-Functional Pitcher - Convenient to pour, anti-drip spout,stylish glass pitcher for hot and cold beverages. Used as juice pitcher,milk jug, coffee pitcher.


  • ECUADOR LIGHT ROAST: RICH & FLORAL FLAVOR Delicious rich and floral natural chocolate floral flavor without the bitterness of a darker roast. If desired, add your favorite creamer or sweetener.
  • BREWS LIKE COFFEE | TASTES LIKE HEAVEN:Roasted, ground, and brewed just like coffee, Crio Bru Brewed Cacao has the amazing flavor and aroma of pure dark chocolate.Brew our 100% pure ground cacao in your French press or coffee maker, and your kitchen will have the aroma of pure dark chocolate heaven in no time.
  • SUPERFOOD PACKED W/ NUTRIENTS:Cacao is packed with nutrients like antioxidants to boost your immune system and magnesium to support bone, brain, and heart health. Additionally, while low in carbs and calories, cacao also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Best of all, cacao is loaded with natural mood enhancers that can help you feel great, increase focus, reduce stress, and sleep better.
  • HONEST ENERGY:Brewed cacao is 99.9% caffeine free but contains theobromine, a naturally occurring stimulant found in cacao that can be longer lasting, milder, and more pleasant than caffeine.


  • Perfect set for an extraordinary matcha tea experience 
  • A wonderful gift 
  •  Traditional Japanese matcha kit 
  •  Completely natural & lead-free


Regency Wraps Cooking Twine is strong enough for all trussing needs and does not cut into meat, like thinner linen twine.


  • Great as a dry rub on roasted chicken.
  • Kosher Certified
  • Single Jar