All MASKC masks feature the highest-quality premium material with soft-touch texture and gentle ear loops to look amazing and feel comfortable all day. No washing, no extra filters to buy, no hassle. Each pack comes with 10 masks and a resealable bag for safe storage and easy travel.


The resistance bands were mostly used in remedial physiotherapy (helping patients to recover range of motion, strength & stability after injury), improve your fitness & build muscle strength.


We love this massage gun after workouts, when you have a tender spot, or just when you need a massage!


This goes beyond probiotics.  This magic product strengthens your immune system, alleviates Gluten sensitivity, enhances mental clarity and boost your mood.


This is an all-natural maca root supplement to help support with any menopausal symptoms.


According to Ayurveda, all toxins begin in the mouth.  Our tongue is a breeding ground for bad bacteria.  According to Ayurveda, all toxins begin in the mouth.  When you let the tongue bacteria accumulate is spreads down into our gut.  I try and scrape my tongue first thing in the morning.