Increase your energetic flow by decreasing your clutter. This is one of our all-time favorite “how-to” guides.


Essential oils are the latest obsession of the EnVibe Life team! Use your favorite fragrances to create your sacred space, wherever that may be.


One of Amy’s keys to easy entertaining—a charcuterie board! Any assortment of cheese, meat, and crackers will look as good as it tastes on this clever tray.


We find ourselves running out of luggage space a lot more these days. We could just bring less stuff, but where is the fun in that? These little cubes organize and condense it all. Bon Voyage!


This is one of Cheryl’s favorites! “Walking around a Pilates studio all day without shoes can take a toll on my feet. So once or twice a year, I like to give my tootsies an overhaul. This little foot mask is magic!”