The Benefits of Taking a Break

The Benefits of Taking a Break

As Cheryl and I made the decision to take a summer hiatus from recording the EnVibe Life Conversations podcast this year, an amazing thing happened for us both…we became more energetic about what was to come. We have many exciting plans and hopes for the future of EnVibe Life and giving ourselves time to reflect, think, and plan for the future is just the antidote we need after an extremely busy year following our launch in the spring of 2020 (yes, during a pandemic!).

But our upcoming break is also causing me to reflect upon the importance of rest and restoration for all of us. As I write this, my husband and I are enjoying our first morning on the first trip that we have taken alone since before the pandemic. We are sitting on the patio in Cabo, drinking coffee, and enjoying a very lazy and rainy morning—yep, that’s right, rain in Cabo in June. It’s as if even the weather is telling us to slow down a bit and restore ourselves.

Over the past couple of days of travel, I have seen the airports absolutely bursting at the seams with people. There seems to be even more hustle and bustle than before the pandemic hit. I’m sure it’s a mixed bag of travelers…those who have avoided travel all together for the past year and a half; those who need to “cut loose” for a few days; those who need to rest and relax; and those who simply need a change of scenery. Whatever the case, I am happy for all of them.

Recognizing the benefits of changing things up for yourself can infuse your system with newfound curiosity and energy. Jimmy Buffet’s call for “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” rings true for me and, I think, a lot of other people. And I’m not sure we have ever needed a change and a reset more than after the past year.

So, I invite and encourage you to join us! Whether it’s to try a new spot in or near your hometown, change your daily routine, or explore a foreign land, consider the benefits of rest and adventure. I think both your emotional body and your physical body will thank you. And, hopefully, you will make some new memories along the way!

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