The Positive Effects Of Gratitude

The Positive Effects of Gratitude

As we enter Thanksgiving weekend, many of our thoughts turn to those things for which we are thankful. Family, friends, a beautiful home, a reliable vehicle, our health. This attitude of gratitude is one of the things that makes Thanksgiving such a beautiful holiday—and my personal favorite. Having a day—or a few days—where we truly spend time appreciating the people and things in our lives is uplifting and infuses a burst of grace into an extremely busy time of year.

But learning to harness the power of gratitude and inject it into our daily lives is also an extremely powerful practice, the benefits of which can multiply profoundly and even produce real, quantifiable change in our lives.

Gratitude is an Elevated Emotional State

Spending time each day in elevated emotional states, such as gratitude, appreciation, love, and joy have meaningful effects on us, both emotionally and physically. Studies have shown that activating gratitude is one of the fastest ways to regulate our heart rates and enter into a state of heart-brain coherence, during which we increase our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

We all have experienced “one of those” days where one bad experience can set into motion a snowball of others. And we have also felt the joy of days where things just seem to keep going our way. The energy we are emitting is drawn back to us, sometimes multiple times over. Practicing gratitude can help get our days off to a good start or even help to turn a bad day around.

Gratitude is the Key to Appreciating and Nurturing What We Already Have

I heard someone say once, “What you appreciate, appreciates.” When you truly take time to rest your attention upon those things for which you are thankful, you are essentially sending them the love and attention all things need to thrive. And when you go through your day looking for the things you appreciate, you inevitably find more and more of them.

This is a technique that can be highlighted by a nightly gratitude journal. Taking a few minutes each night to write down a list of those things for which you felt gratitude during the day will turn your attention and focus onto those things on a regular basis.

Gratitude is Intimately Connected to the Energy of Receiving

The Law of Attraction teaches that “like attracts like”. The core of this teaching really boils down to the essence of the energy you are emanating. This means that attracting things for which you are thankful into your life can be greatly triggered by being in a state of gratitude. In other words, spend time each day in gratitude and you will attract more things and circumstances for which you are thankful.

Moreover, when you are thankful, it is presumably for something you have (and at some point received), which means you are connected to the energy of receiving. Being in a state of receiving will increase your receivership and amplify your ability to call those things you desire into your life. It’s a little hard to grasp at first, but spend some quiet time with this idea. Once it clicks for you, it is truly life-changing.


I hope that you enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend, spending time sending love and positive attention to those people, events, and things for which you are grateful, whether you are able to be physically present with them or not. It is a beautiful time to bask in our appreciation and begin a practice that can spread throughout the year.

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