Weight Loss Supplements {Nutrients For Weight}

Weight Loss Supplements {Nutrients For Weight}
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If you are eager to find special weight loss supplements that will help you shred the pounds real quick + keep it off, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing. BUT, stick with me. There are nutrients that are important for maintaining a healthy weight + being deficient can 100% impact weight loss! Before you dive into the different nutrients associated with weight, I must preface that weight loss is often a symptom of something more!

It’s your job to figure out why your body finds that holding onto weight is a good idea – is it your diet? Lifestyle? Stress? Environment? Underlying infections? Inflammation? Don’t forget – you don’t have to go through this journey alone. There are practitioners out there that can help you figure this out + help you unpeel all of your layers!

Weight Loss Supplements/Nutrients

*Please note that the solution isn’t just to take all these nutrients. It’s best to test your nutrient levels + supplement with only the ones that YOU NEED. We run micronutrient deficiency testing to test ALL your nutrient levels if you are curious! Dosing varies + will not be given here due to respect from everyone’s bio-individuality*

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates, which can affect the way you burn carbohydrates and your body can prioritize storing it vs using it. Vitamin D has an inverse relationship with weight. Aka – women who have low levels of vitamin D are often found with higher levels of weight. There was a study done that showed women who supplemented with vitamin D for 6 weeks saw a decrease in weight, waist circumference, and BMI.

There is still talk about vitamin D not being the reason for weight gain, but is a consequence of being a higher body fat percentage. Either way, this is an essential nutrient that is commonly found deficient + plays a role in reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has a potential relationship with inhibiting pre-fat cells from becoming mature fat cells. Vitamin E is a major antioxidant for the body and protecting your body from toxins that could be released from weight loss because toxins are commonly held in our fat cells to prevent them from continuously circulating within the body.

Vitamin E also has the potential of depositing body fat in your abdominal space – the least favorite place to store fat!


Ahh, the nutrient that plays a role in over 300 coenzyme pathways in the body. Magnesium is insanely important for optimizing cellular health + stabilizing ATP (energy) production! We need energy for our cells + pathways to work. Without magnesium, we aren’t able to use glucose as efficiently, which could trigger it to be stored as fat. It’s important for keeping our insulin receptors sensitive (reducing risk of diabetes), which is a common reason why stubborn weight loss could be happening. Balancing blood sugars is VITAL for weight loss.

Remember: WEIGHT LOSS isn’t as simple as calorie in + calorie out or even “fix this nutrient level + your weight will easily fall off”. It’s all about figuring out your internal pathways + imbalances that could be holding your body back from dropping the weight, as we see here with the impact that magnesium has on blood sugar levels.


A zinc deficiency can reduce leptin, which is a hormone that helps regulate appetite. We know that our appetite can make or break how much food we need to consume/crave.


This amino acid is important for a pathway in our cells called beta-oxidation (aka it’s where our cells can use fat as fuel). If we are deficient in carnitine, we will have a hard time using fat for fuel and can not only impact weight levels, but can also cause hypoglycemia symptoms!

One of your goals for your health is to be metabolically flexible – where your body can easily switch from using glucose as fuel or fat as fuel.

Lipoic Acid

As stated in magnesium, blood sugar balance is important and a common reason for stubborn weight loss. Lipoic acid is a nutrient that helps improve the use of glucose inside the cell and insulin sensitivity!

Isn’t the body incredible? People are often ready to just look for a herb or supplement that helps them lose weight, so the foundationals are overlooked. Not only do these nutrients play a role in weight, they play a role in so many other pathways in the body! Stop looking for quick weight loss supplements + start falling in love with learning how YOUR body works and what it needs.

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