Back to School During COVID-19

14. Back to School During COVID-19
Back to School During COVID-19

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Today, we have a special guest, Dr. Vera M. Wehring, who will discuss the changes occurring  in schools during the COVID pandemic. Topics of conversation include the many issues and considerations during these unprecedented times from the perspective of schools, teachers, students, and parents.

In This Podcast:

01:46 – Introduction to  Dr. Vera Wehring.
04:51 – What are the schools going through during the COVID pandemic?
09:52 – Teachers’ preparations for this school year.
14:10 – Vera’s advice to parents to help their children adjust to the uncertainties and changes in school this year.
18:02 – The importance of being flexible to navigate changes and uncertainties.
19:44 – What are some tools for parents to help their children cope with situations that are not ideal?
23:13 – What are some of the issues that school districts or administrators are facing?
29:10 – Considerations for the health of the teachers and staff.
36:03 – Difficulties and anxieties children might face when returning to campus.
40:31 – How will schools deal with mass gatherings like concerts and choirs?
42:43 – It’s important to remember that most of the teachers are also parents (and dealing with the same concerns you are).
43:41 – How does Vera bring balance to her life each day?

Articles published by VERA M. WEHRING, PH.D.

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2 thoughts on “Back to School During COVID-19

  1. Michele Dizdar says:

    Hello Amy! John’s cousin, Michele, here. Loved the podcast today with your sister! I’m a teacher, Montessori 3-6 yo children, in a public charter in Dallas. So much to think about now! Little ones need a lot of close contact and it will be a challenge keeping them physically distance from me and others but looking forward to the time we can get back in the classroom!

    • Amy Parker says:

      Hi Michele! It’s all so confusing and heartbreaking for students and teachers! Thank you for listening–and for caring and loving those little ones!! That is what they will need most.?

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