Being Your Best Self with Courtney Gill PA-C of Refine Aesthetics

Being Your Best Self with Courtney Gill of Refine Aesthetics
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Today, we are joined by Courtney Gill PA-C, owner and practitioner of Refine Aesthetics, a boutique Med Spa.

Are you conscious about your skincare? Have you wondered what differentiates a Med Spa? Join Amy Parker, Cheryl Dunn, and Courtney Gill as they discuss trends and treatments in the medical aesthetic and beauty industries.

In this episode:

01:33 - Courtney introduces Refine Aesthetics and her background.
02:52 - What is a Med Spa? Why is this unique and important?
03:35 – Qualifications needed to be considered a Med Spa.
05:15 - Courtney talks about current face and body treatments.
06:20 – EmSculptNeo. Why Courtney thinks it is a cutting-edge treatment.      
08:45 – EmSculptNeo as a non-surgical treatment for diastasis recti, torn ACL, and other muscle toning needs.
14:00 - How Courtney decided to open a business in the middle of COVID.
14:20 – Courtney’s personal story of having a coronary incident and how that changed her perspective and goals.
16:30 – Refine’s desire to help their clients be their best selves. Why this is important to Courtney and her team.
21:09 -Courtney discusses Botox and neurotoxins.
23:07 – Medical indications and cosmetic uses for Botox.
26:54 – When should you start neurotoxins/Botox?
27:23 - Courtney discusses fillers, such as Juvederm and Restalyne, and when they are used.
29:53 – Is it ever too late to start Botox, fillers, and other aesthetic treatments?
36:18 – Medical grade skincare products.

To learn more about Refine Aesthetics and their offerings, visit them at and follow on Instagram @refineaestheticsatx.

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