Embrace Change

Embrace Change
Embrace Change

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Change is inevitable in life. It is also a necessary part of effectuating positive differences in your life and bringing about new opportunities. Today, Amy and Cheryl dive into change, its energetics, and why you should embrace it in your life.

In This Podcast:

02:36 – Embrace inevitable change.
03:50 – Unplanned change vs. planned change.
04:40 – Allowing change to come into your life.
05:51 – Finding the divinity in change and creativity.
09:03 – The energy of struggle and conflict that arises when you fight change.
09:58 – Sending out confusing energy patterns.
13:33 – The process of creation and manifestation.
17:34 – Everything starts with yourself.
23:54 – The fear of uncertainty.
25:02 – Setting expectations.
27:38 – What are your desired changes for 2021?
27:59– What are the changes that came about in 2020 for which you are grateful?
29:58 – Appreciate the changes that will come.

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