EnVibe Life Check-In

20. EnVibe Life Check-In
EnVibe Life Check-In

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Today Amy and Cheryl take the opportunity to check-in with each other and the EnVibe Life community. We have a conversation about what’s going on in our community, what's going on in our lives, and what’s going on with our businesses.

In This Podcast:

02:04 – COVID and the current state of our community (Austin, Texas).
04:11 – Back to School in 2020.
10:19 – Wearing a mask.
14:02 – Business changes during COVID-19.
16:31 – What’s going on with Cheryl’s studio.
17:06 – How people are currently feeling about and dealing with COVID restrictions?
17:49 – Living with the new normal.
20:46 – Principles of mindfulness, gratitude, and happiness.
22:30 – Feeling stressed out.
23:53 – Meditation as a practice to help during these times.
27:26 – Learning new things as a wellness tool.
30:24 – Writing and journaling.
31:04 – State of EnVibe Life in September 2020.
32:41 – Optimism moving forward.

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