Functional Ayurveda with Dr. Nisha Khanna

Functional Ayurveda with Dr. Nisha Khanna

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We’re joined today by Dr. Nisha Khanna, M.D. Dr. Khanna is an internal medicine doctor who focuses on functional ayurveda in her functional medicine practice.

In this episode:

02:27 – Dr. Khanna’s background and journey. The many healing offerings in her practice.
05:14 – The difference between functional medicine and internal medicine.
09:09 - The importance of digestion.
09:39 - What is ayurveda? Dr. Khanna explains.
09:59 – Ayurveda is a modality that allows you to understand your body and the functioning of your system as it relates to the five elements--ether, air, fire, water, earth.
10:07 - The important ayurvedic principle that “like increases like and opposites balance”.
11:59 - The importance of the qualities of substances.
14:19 - When you’re out of balance, you crave the thing that will propagate the imbalance. So when you are out of balance, you cannot trust your cravings.
15:20 - Dr. Khanna’s Ayurveda Foundation’s Course.
16:42 - What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)? The reprogramming of the brain through language to work on deep subconscious healing.
18:39 – How Dr. Khanna approaches working with a new patient, starting with the physical body.
22:29 – Who is the ideal patient?
25:33 - Dr. Khanna explains her patient-centered approach. Why she believes in being flexible with her patients by being their guide not their director.
28:54 – Dr. Khanna’s tips for dealing with stress.
31:54 – Signs of a digestion problem.
32:59 – The importance of healthy adrenals for menopausal and perimenopausal women.
33:50 - Ways to improve adrenal health.
38:34 - How does Dr. Khanna Live EnVibe?

To learn more about Dr. Nisha Khanna and her practice, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @nishakhannamd.

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