How Are You Talking to Yourself?

How Are You Talking to Yourself?
How Are You Talking to Yourself?

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In today’s episode, we explore that “little voice” inside your head. What does it say and how do you respond to it? By noticing that voice and using tools to respond to it, we help each other to learn, grow and develop.

In this Podcast:

01:40 – The “little voice” in your head. What is it and why does it matter?
03:31 – How personality/ego/the voice in your head is different from the soul.
04:46 – How things change when you recognize that voice.
07:08 – Tools for observing and facing your self-talk.
09:29 – Amy and Cheryl’s inner saboteur’s.
12:55 – Journey to find self-worth.
13:28 – This life is for learning, growing and developing. Honor the process and realize the beauty in it.
14:04 – Are you a priority to yourself?
17:00 – Heightened anxiety brings toxic energy to the body.
19:16 – You have a choice!
21:45 – The key to how others treat you is how you treat yourself.
23:34 – How can you expect someone else to treat you lovingly if you’re not treating yourself that way?
27:00 – Recognize that everyone else has a “little voice” too.
28:14 – Letting go of things we can’t control.
32:10 – The things that create dysfunction in the body.
34:30 – Realize that it’s all part of the process.
36:40 – Seek outside help when you need it.

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