Living EnVibe with Listener Cara Beth McLeod

Living EnVibe with Listener Cara Beth McCloud
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Today Amy and Cheryl are joined by EnVibe Life Conversations’ listener Cara Beth McLeod. Cara Beth is a busy mom, wife, and teacher who also live with a chronic health condition.

They discuss the importance of having boundaries, being sensitive to your environment and the energy around you, and having the self-awareness to control our own lives and environments to help us feel our best. Cara Beth also shares her experiences living as a Type 1 Diabetic.

In this episode:

01:09 - Cara Beth tells her EnVibe Life journey.
05:38 - Strategies that Cara Beth uses to help her on her daily path.
07:12 – Cara Beth shares her experiences living with Type 1 Diabetes.
10:54 - The importance of cleansing and resetting your environment and the space around you.
14:06 - Amy shares how she has been influenced by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book,  Becoming Supernatural.
16:51 - Cara Beth shares a resource that she has been influenced by as a teacher living EnVibe, The Calm Classroom.
18:27 – Having boundaries and how that can help with daily struggles and challenges.
25:09 - Controlling our own negative self-talk.

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