Setting Intentions for 2021

Setting Intentions for 2021
Setting Intentions for 2021

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Today is the second half of Amy & Cheryl’s two-part series to wind down 2020 and usher in 2021.  Join us as we discuss setting intentions for 2021 (or any other endeavor!).

In This Podcast:

01:41 – Why “resolutions” have a bad rap and are hard to keep.
02:52 – What is a resolution?
04:22 – “Intentions” vs. “resolutions”.
06:32 – The tools to set intentions
10:25 – Look at what you desire and why you desire it.
10:57 – How will you feel once you have it?
13:30 – Creating a manifestation box and other tools for setting intentions.
17:35 – Setting intentions for EnVibe Life
19:12 – Journaling. 21:24 – Vision boards.
23:58 – Keep it simple!

For a further discussion of intention-setting, be sure to check out Amy’s article on

EnVibe Life

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