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For today’s podcast, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn welcomed us to another season of EnVibe Life Conversations. They shared what happened to them over the summer and the changes in their lives. They also talked about what they’ve learned through the podcasts and where Season 2 is headed.

In this episode:

02:04 - Amy and Cheryl discuss their summer and where the podcast is headed.
03:46 - Amy and Cheryl share why they started the podcast and why it’s so important to them.
07:24 - Cheryl talks about where Season 2 is headed.
08:30 – How the Universe is guiding Amy and Cheryl.
14:10 – Embracing change.
14:56 - Amy talks about the changes in her life.
15:40 – How even changes that are good sometimes require you to take time to process them.
16:57 - Cheryl shares what she learned over this summer.
18:15 – Cheryl talks about the new normal after the COVID shut-downs.
20:12 – Amy talks about the meaning of living EnVibe.
21:30 - Cheryl shares her reading habits and love of Audiobooks.
25:13 -
Universal Human by Garry Zukav

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