Choosing Joy in Life with Taylor Ellison

Choosing Joy in Life with Taylor Ellison
Choosing Joy in Life with Taylor Ellison

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We’re joined today by Taylor Ellison, co-host of We Are Austin and creator of Austin After Hours.

In this episode:

05:39 – How Taylor stays positive and shares an attitude of joy with her audience.
08:22 – Living with intention.
09:15 – Connection with the Divine.
10:52 – Taylor’s background and journey.
11:34 – How the book, Conversations with God, inspires Taylor as she begins conversations with her guests.
12:44 – The desire to be in service and cultivate joy in others.
16:20 – The importance of loving yourself.
16:44 – Finding balance.
18:56 – Choosing joy.
22:08 – Taylor shares the importance of giving ourselves grace.        
23:55 – You are worthy of love.
27:10 – The empowerment that comes from choosing joy.
30:10 – Seasons and rhythms of life. Allowing yourself to “be” and releasing expectation.
34:27 – Some of Taylor’s favorite spots in Austin.
37:45 – How Taylor lives EnVibe.

To learn more about Taylor, follow along for some fun @taylok or check out You can also connect with Taylor in her TAYLOVE community - a free, online community for self-love support, meditation, and motivation! Head to to join.

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