Improving Your Sleep with Dr. Ashwin Gowda

Improving Your Sleep with Dr. Ashwin Gowda
Improving Your Sleep with Dr. Ashwin Gowda 2

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Today we are talking about a topic people always ask Amy and Cheryl - sleep!

How do sleep disorders impact our lives?

How would we know if our sleep disturbances have risen to a level where we need to seek professional help?
How can we treat these sleep disorders?

Dr. Ashwin Gowda, a Sleep Medicine Specialist and Medical Director of Texas Sleep Medicine, will help us understand about sleep disorders and how we can improve our sleep.

In This Podcast:

00:40 - Dr. Ashwin Gowda’s background.
02:20 - Estimated data on insomnia as a sleep disorder.
03:40 - Sleep apnea and its impact on many aspects of health.
05:10 - Exactly what is sleep apnea, and how would you know if you have it or not?
07:45 - What are the ways to know that your sleep disturbances have risen to a level where you need to seek professional help?
09:25 - Good quality of sleep as a component of wellness.
11:20 - Other symptoms of sleep apnea.
12:05 - How long do we need to sleep? Does the length of sleep needed vary per person?
14:15 - Can exercising too late in the day disturb one’s sleep?
15:20 - The “3am-wake-up” for women and what to do with that.
19:55 - Difference between kinds of light and their impacts on sleep.
23:55 - Who to seek for help with the “3am-wake-up” condition?
25:20 - Sleep disturbances from the lifestyle perspective.
27:30 - What are the treatments for sleep disorders?
29:45 - Risk factors for sleep apnea.
32:55 - What is Restless Leg Syndrome, its cause, symptoms, and treatment?
38:55 - Testing for sleep disorders.
42:10 - Use of technology (machines and devices) for testing sleep disorders.
43:20 - The importance of getting enough sleep on health, wellness, and behavior.
44:00 - Dr. Gowda urges people to get more sleep!
48:30 - Other conditions or trends regarding sleep disorders.
51:30 - Demographics of Dr. Gowda’s usual patients.
53:30 - Create a sleep diary to gauge your sleep.
55:30 - What does Dr. Gowda do to bring more balance into his life?

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