Exercises for your Sixth Chakra

Exercises for your Sixth Chakra

“See The Way”

The sixth chakra is located between our brows, on our forehead, also known as the Third Eye. Metaphorically, I like to think of our sixth chakra as a stained-glass window.  When the sun shines through the stained glass, it projects an image of the glass on whatever solid surface it hits.  The light of our consciousness shines through the pictures we hold in our minds, shaping what we create.  Keeping the Third Eye clear helps us see things wholly. If our Third Eye isn’t clear and balanced, we see through a filter that distorts our perception.  From these perceptions, we command our reality. It is essential to remain open to psychic, nonrational input, but equally important to rationally sort through it.

While our physical eyes are the organs of our outer perception, our Third Eye is the organ of our inner perception.  When we can live with a clear Third Eye, we can see the big picture, transcend our ego, and find the deeper meaning in all things. The Third Eye communicates to us in many ways, such as our intuition, dreams, and clairvoyance.   

Intuition is like the flash of the match in the darkness.  For one brief moment, the whole room comes to light. We can then see its size, shape, furniture as an entire immediate experience.  The flash of intuition is a momentary illumination of the psyche, revealing an underlying wholeness. If we are shut off from our intuitive awareness, we will live entirely in our conscious mind, leaving us with difficulty visualizing or imagining things differently.

Dreams link our conscious mind and our unconscious mind. Dreams speak to us through symbolism. They open the way for us to see things in a new light, revealing hidden feelings and understandings, desires and needs, unused talents, and missing parts of our wholeness.  When there is an imbalance in our sixth chakra, our dreams can be haunting rather than informative.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.”  It opens the inner sight to non-physical things such as auras, chakras, past and future events.  Clairvoyance, like intuition, is developed through a conscious surrender to the unconscious mind. Clairvoyance remains when we clear illusions of our mind and look directly at the energies swirling around us.

Developing our sixth chakra:

Intuitive Movement 

Since the sixth chakra is about releasing the expectations of our physical world and allowing the non-physical to be shown to you, it’s a good time to dance.   Put on your favorite music and move to it freely. Another form of intuitive movement is to practice your dance using only your breath as the music. Allow yourself to feel the music or breathe and let it move you rather than you moving to it.


There are many forms of meditation.  I think you need to find what works best for you. I find guided meditations work best for me and my ability to quiet my mind.  There are many guided meditations out there. Check out some of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations or Amy’s Intro to Meditation video to get you started.

Eye Exercises

Sit upright in a comfortable position. Find three objects to focus on…one close to you, one a little farther away, and one even further away.  Look at the object closest to you and take an inhale; as you exhale, focus very intensely on one spot of the object. On the next inhale, allow your peripheral vision to come into awareness, but keep your eyes on the original spot. Do this for three breaths, then move to the object a little further away and repeat the focus/unfocused exercise with it. Then move to the final object and repeat the exercise.  This is an exercise for your physical eyes.

Gut Check 

Sit upright in a relaxed position and do a body scan. As you are scanning your body, check into how each part of your physical body feels. Do this without judgment or correction. After you have done this and are aware of how your resting body feels, ask yourself this question; “How does NO feel?”.  Now see how your body feels differently.  Now ask yourself, “How does YES feel?”. Now see how your body feels differently. For some people, these feelings are very clear, which becomes a valuable tool for making decisions.

Dream Journal 

Make an affirmation as you fall asleep that you will remember your dreams. Review your day in reverse, starting with the most recent event and moving backwards through the day until you get to the beginning. When you wake, before you get out of bed, review your dream in its entirety in your head.  Then write everything down, even fragments you might remember. Once your psyche knows attention is being paid to dreams, recall usually improves.

There are many tools beyond these to help you develop your Third Eye.  Not every tool is suitable for everyone.  Take this article and use it as a guide to you develop your intuition as to what tool is best for you so that your Third Eye may become clear and balanced.

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