Facing Our Vulnerability

Facing Our Vulnerability

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For most people, being vulnerable is not easy. In today’s podcast, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn talk about vulnerability. What does it mean to be vulnerable? Amy and Cheryl share stories of their experiences facing vulnerability.

In this episode:

04:47 - What does it mean to be vulnerable?
04:55 - Fear and shame at the core of vulnerability.
08:43 - Amy and Cheryl discuss their “inner saboteurs”.
10:00 - Exposing vulnerability as a stepping stone to creativity.
13:25 - Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability. The need to be brave to face your vulnerability.
14:25 - The importance of having a safe place to be vulnerable.
18:47 – Vulnerability in relationships.
22:45 - Gary Zukav.
23:00 - We are spiritual beings having human experiences. How Cheryl uses this to act from love versus fear.
25:35 - Amy and Cheryl advocate embracing vulnerability.

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