Life, Travel, and Following Your Dreams with Amanda Nelson

Life, Travel, and Following Your Dreams with Amanda Nelson
Life, Travel, and Following Your Dreams with Amanda Nelson

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Today, Amy and Cheryl are joined by Amanda Nelson. Amanda is a travel expert, entrepreneur, and motivator. She is the proprietor of the travel blog, Exploring Amanda, which she began during the COVID-era.

In this episode:

02:25 – Amanda tells her story…” from food stamps to getting paid to travel”. The passion and inspiration behind her travel business.
04:38 – How you address challenges in life is a key to how you move toward success.
05:52 – Shedding the victim-mentality mindset.
06:13 – Tools Amanda used to get out of victim mentality.
07:03 – Learning the process of manifestation.
07:33 – Gathering the inspiration from the stories of others.
08:23 – By being vulnerable enough to tell your story, you can inspire others.
09:20 – The work that went into being an “overnight success”.
10:28 – The power that comes from not letting the opinions of others affect your decisions.
11:43 – Envy versus Inspiration.
14:38 – Amanda shares the keys to growing a social media business.
15:33 – The power of proving people wrong.
16:23 – From solopreneur to entrepreneur.
16:43 – Amanda’s coaching business.
18:23 – The importance of independence.
19:02 – Amanda gives tips for traveling.
20:15 – Why Amanda encourages women to undertake solo travel. Her top tips for staying safe during solo travel. (Why it’s even okay to lie!)
25:00 – One of Amanda’s favorite places and why you should travel to Round Top, Texas.
28:00 – How Amanda lives EnVibe.

To learn more about Amanda Nelson, visit her website at
Find her on Instagram @exploringamanda

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