Nurturing Your Mental Well-Being with Dr. Nahal Delpassand

Nurturing Your Mental Well-Being with Dr. Nahal Delpassand

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Today, Amy and Cheryl are joined by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Nahal Delpassand to discuss the topic of mental health.

Mental health is an important part of our lives and well-being. Dr. Nahal sheds light on depression, anxiety and the changes we have all gone through during the COVID pandemic.

In this episode:

01:47 - Dr. Nahal talks about what she is seeing in her practice right now.
2:40 – The increase in virtual counseling and the ability of psychologists to see patients across state lines.
3:15 – The uprooting and changes people are seeing and experiencing right now.
4:00 – Challenges stemming from going back into the office.
6:00 – How the changes have made us more creative and resourceful.
07:38 - Dr. Nahal discusses the increases in social anxiety that are occurring.
09:58 –What are signs that you’re experiencing social anxiety?
11:58 - What can we do when we’re feeling unsure of ourselves, but need to begin to integrate back into our normal schedules?
14:15 – The benefits of seeing a professional therapist.
15:09 -Depression and its signs.          
16:22 – When does depression become clinical?
19:15 – The benefits of telehealth.
21:00 - Dr. Nahal shares what she sees as the advantages of telehealth in some situations.
27:20 - Amy, Cheryl and Dr. Nahal talk about the challenges for young people during the pandemic.
30:59 - Dr. Nahal stresses the importance of nurturing your mental health.

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