Parenting Teenaged Girls (and Boys!) with Barb Steinberg

Parenting Teenaged Girls (and Boys!) with Barb Steinberg

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Today, we are joined by Barb Steinberg. Barb is a tween/teen girl expert, parent coach, teen life coach and speaker on parenting girls.  She is a licensed, masters-level social worker and certified teen life coach with over 30 years of experience working with thousands of teens.

In This Podcast:

02:10 – Barb’s background.
04:53 – Why Barb specializes in teens and young adults.
08:43 – Common problems that arise in families. Helping teens with identity and independence.
11:25 – Differences between boys and girls and the stresses they deal with.
13:42 – How does Barb coach teenagers out of fear without diminishing their feelings?
14:59 -- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping to deal with anxiety and fear.
18:00 – “The issues are in the tissues.” How the body stores emotional responses. Learning to listen to your body.
19:43 – Techniques that Barb suggests for parents.
21:56 – Barb’s advice for families who have multiple children with different needs. Dealing with sibling rivalry.
23:10 – How does parenting change as your children get older and become adults?
28:55 – Barb’s online program and classes.
31:37 – The importance of letting teenagers gain independence while making good decisions.
36:04 – What Barb does to bring balance to her daily life.



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