Making the Most Out of a Wellness Day

Making the Most Out of a Wellness Day

Cheryl and I are spending the next few days in the excitement and flurry leading up to Nourish, the first wellness event that we are hosting as EnVibe Life. We have dreamed of days like this since we first had the idea for this company—honestly, it was dreaming of offering days like this that led us to the idea for this company!

We are both fortunate to have been able to spend some days fully immersed in our wellness—whether on an Arizona spa retreat, during a Pilates training program, or even those days of rest that we have personally sanctioned for ourselves. But we also know that it is VERY hard for most of us to create that sort of time and space in our schedules. Yet, a full day (or even days) devoted to your well-being can also often be exactly the perfect antidote to the stress and anxiety that often permeates our lives.

If you have not participated in wellness retreat, what is stopping you? One of the positive effects that has come from the COVID-era is the abundance of offerings that can now be found online. From an event like Nourish with a full day (or even month-long) wellness program to masterclass sites to live events on the different social media channels, the offerings available have never been more plentiful or easier to access.

So, if you need someone to nudge you, I am here to do so! I invite you to honor yourself enough to spend a day of restoration and inspiration. And, when you do, I hope that you will fully embrace it and make the most of it. Here are some tips for just that:

Leave Guilt Behind:

I think the most important part of getting the most out of a day of wellness is to fully embrace it. Assure yourself that you are worth this time. Enter into the experience with the highest emotional state you can—one without guilt!

Set an Intention:  

Spend some time beforehand or at the start of your retreat with a moment or two of silence. Get clear on a thought, a hope, or a goal for your time. There is no right or wrong way to go about this. Trust what comes up. Then also allow it to grow and change during your experience.

Try Something New:

Hopefully your retreat will offer you some of your favorite experiences, but it might also have some programs that you have never tried, or perhaps even knew existed. Have curiosity. Trust your instincts. If you feel led to something, there might be something there that you are meant to experience, learn, or hear. This is part of the fun!

Be Gentle with Yourself:

Sometimes extended moments with ourselves can stir up emotions that we have been putting aside to deal with at another time. This can be a really valuable part of the experience. If you need a moment alone, take it. If you need to talk to someone, open up. Give yourself the love you need, including allowing yourself to work through whatever might arise.

Have Fun:

Try something new, spark up a friendship, let your curiosity rise for an interesting topic. Just elevating your emotional state in these ways can be a reward of its own. Lean into it.

Remember, your path to greater wellness is merely a click away!

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