Rituals to Welcome Spring

Rituals to Welcome Spring

The beginning of spring is an enchanting time of renewal. We see it naturally occurring in the world around us. Trees turn green, flowers begin to bloom, and birds fly all around us. It is also a wonderful time for us to look at ourselves and our environment and welcome new practices into our lives or “brush the frost” off of some routine ones. Here are a few ideas:


Spring Cleaning might seem like a cliched custom, but that might be the case for a reason. De-cluttering and eliminating those things in your physical space can create room for a new houseplant, beloved photo, or meaningful momento. But it can also have a significant effect on your emotional well-being. I never feel more free to create and start new projects than when my office is clear of the stacks of papers that inevitably build up. And walking into an organized closet always starts my day on the right foot.

Spend Time In Nature

Take advantage of the lovely weather and spend some time outside. Even a few minutes can really uplift your mood. When I am outside, I also feel a greater connection to the world around me. I really take in the flowers and birds and breeze in more than a passing way. Being truly present in nature permeates every part of my being. As an extra challenge...spend some time meditating outside. The effects can be magical!

Examine Those Things Ready to Change In Your Life

This one is a little more difficult, but possibly the most rewarding. Take a hard look at yourself and your life and begin to discern those things whose seasons have passed. Perhaps it’s an old grudge your are holding onto, perhaps it’s an outdated belief system, perhaps it’s a pattern no longer serving you. When you free these things and release them to the past, you open more space for new energies to come into your life.

Try Something New

Is there an activity that you have hoped to try, but keep putting off until you have more time? (When, by the way, do any of us ever have more time???!) Or maybe you have stopped a hobby that you loved when you were younger. Even something as simple as trying a new restaurant in town (yes, curbside pick-up counts!) can introduce an element of fun. These moments uplift the soul and can even make our difficult moments a little more bearable. There’s no harm in trying!

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