Choosing Faith and Renewal

Choosing Faith and Renewal
Choosing Faith and Renewal

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Spring celebrations are symbolic of renewal and rebirth. With Easter coming up this weekend and Passover that just occurred in the Jewish community, we become inspired by messages of promise and hope. Today, let’s talk about the meaning behind Spring, Easter, and Passover and how we can fully embrace this season of change.

In This Podcast:

03:27 – Meanings behind Easter and Passover.
04:53 – Beyond life on this Earth.
06:47 – The history of Passover.
07:38 – Rebirth.
09:13 – The process of Reinvention.
10:24 – Releasing resentments and burdens to create space for better things.
12:03 – Spring cleaning in all areas of your life.
15:19 – Being with nature.
16:14 – Choose faith over fear.
18:00 – Coping with COVID-19 and embracing this time of year.

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