Releasing Old Patterns

Releasing Old Patterns
Releasing Old Patterns

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Recognizing the patterns in your life that it is time to release can be a big step in clearing the way for changes and new desires that you wish to manifest. Sometimes, we sabotage ourselves with holding energetic patterns that don't serve us anymore. Amy and Cheryl share how they have gone through the process of releasing old patterns so that they could create the lives they most desire.

In This Podcast:

03:03 – Be aware of your negative patterns.
05:12 – Sometimes we need to take a hard look at ourselves in the mirror.
08:25 – Patterns of worrying.
09:32 – Patterns of anxiety, fear, and anger.
15:21 – Changing energetic patterns with the help of body movement.
16:59 – Other tools to change energetic patterns.
18:51 – The benefits of therapists and other neutral professionals.
21:51 – Ceremonies to release old patterns.
25:13 – Value the lessons learned from those old patterns.
26:40 – Gratitude!

For more information on overcaring, see Is it Possible to Care Too Much? Understanding How to Care Without It Becoming a Source of Your Stress.

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