Creating a Manifestation Box

Creating a Manifestation Box

On a recent episode of the EnVibe Life Conversations Podcast, Cheryl and I discussed different tools we have used as we set intentions for the future and hope to manifest new experiences and objects into our lives. There are several practices that we love:

  • List-Making
  • Deep Envisioning During Meditation (I especially like Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations for this purpose.)
  • Creating a Vision Board 
  • Journaling
  • But there is one technique that I have been using recently, and Cheryl has followed suit…creating a Manifestation Box.

    What Is a Manifestation Box?

    I have known people to use prayer boxes for many years. You place a prayer or intention into a box that you keep. Then each day (or other interval), you spend time reflecting on those intentions and offering them up in prayer. The different methods of doing this are as varied as those implementing this practice, but I think that the main benefit is that you are taking something very conceptual and etheric and bringing it into a physical concrete form.

    A manifestation box applies this same practice to those things you wish to call into your life.

    How To Create a Manifestation Box

    • I recommend choosing a pretty box or container that uplifts you.
    • Use notecards, either bought or that you cut yourself, on which you write your intentions. (I cut a standard piece of typing paper into quarters.)
    • Write whatever you hope to manifest on the front of the card.
      • I follow Dr. Joe Dispenza’s technique of choosing a letter to represent the wish, then drawing squiggly lines around it to represent the energy field at its essence.
      • You could also use a picture to represent your desire, such as you would do with a vision board.
    • On the back of the card, you will have 2-3 sections:
      • (1) What your intentions are.
      • (2) Why you want this.
      • (3) How you will feel when you receive it.

    *Sections 2 and 3 might combine together. The most important part is to be clear on the emotions that you will feel once this desire is realized.

    After this, it is important to spend time regularly with these intentions, practicing feeling the energy and emotions of receiving those desire you hope to bring about. Add to or change the intentions in your box as you do so. And, most importantly, have FUN in this practice and feel gratitude for the process.

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