“Real Mom Real Tired” with Erica Brennes

“Real Mom Real Tired” with Erica Brennes
“Real Mom Real Tired” with Erica Brennes

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Today, our special guest is Erica Brennes of Real Mom Real Tired. She is an Austin-based working mom, Blogger, and On-Camera Spokesperson. We learn more about her journey, her career, and how she juggles it all with grace and humor.

In This Podcast:

01:51 – How did Erica come up with “Real Mom Real Tired”?
02:53 – Erica’s background and career.
09:06 – Erica’s fertility journey and what she wants to share with other women.
17:40 – Know and trust yourself!
20:17 – Realize that you are not in charge.
24:07 – How Erica manages the chaos of running a business while being a mom.
30:32 – The importance of being compassionate with yourself.
35:53 – Every child and parent is different--that’s okay! Give yourself grace.
37:28 – What does Erica do on a daily basis to bring balance into her life?

Find Erica at www.realmomrealtired.com and on Instagram @realmomrealtired.

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