Stepping Into the Unknown

Stepping Into the Unknown
Stepping Into the Unknown

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Calling amazing things into your life requires you to embrace change - the change IS the something new and amazing. But it can also be really scary and uncomfortable to step into the unknown. Today, Amy and Cheryl discuss the importance of embracing change and stepping into the unknown as a part of manifesting the things you desire in your life.

In This Podcast:

02:29 – The unknown.
04:35 – Manifestation IS change.
05:51 – Look for signs and messages.
07:20 – Allowing and receiving.
08:10 – Encountering and clearing blockages that prevent manifestation.
11:03 – It’s okay to desire things.
12:45 – Don’t resist change; rather, co-create them.
14:09 – Have faith that what’s coming is your best interest.
16:56 – The process of creation is divine change.
17:15 – The usefulness of guided meditation in creating your new energetic template.
24:29 – The role of gratitude in manifestation.

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