The Benefits of Raw Juicing with Sheena Mannina

The Benefits of Raw Juicing with Sheena Mannina

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We are joined today by Sheena Mannina, owner of Raw Republic Juice.

Are you interested in healthy juices but don’t know where to start? Worry no more because Amy Parker, Cheryl Dunn and Sheena Mannina have got you covered. In this podcast, they will talk all about juices and the processes that Sheena uses in her products, making decisions and following goals in life, and other fun stuff.

In this episode:

01:50 - Sheena shares her story.
04:09 –Sheena’s background and education in Wholistic Health Coaching.
09:47 – The importance of a holistic approach to wellness. We are in charge of our own bodies and decision.
10:45 - Cheryl, Amy and Sheena talk about the importance of self-responsibility and making decisions from a heart-centered place rather than fear.
13:15 – Give yourself grace and time when making decisions.
15:55 - Sheena shares the story of how she brought Raw Republic to Austin.
19:39 - Sheena talks about the intentions of her juice company and why Austin is a great fit for her.
22:24 - Cheryl talks about their shared goals of improving themselves and helping others to do the same.
24:04 - Sheena describes the water filtration process used in Raw Republic’s juices.
26:56 –For more information on Dr. Emoto’s work with water structure visit
27:23 –To learn more about Live Pristine water filtration, visit
30:41 -What would Sheena recommend to the people who are starting to incorporate raw juices into their diets?

Be sure to visit Sheena and Raw Republic at on Instagram at @rawrepublicjuice.

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