Turning the Ordinary Into the Sacred

Turning the Ordinary Into the Sacred

Do you have certain objects or experiences that you save for special occasions? Maybe you only pull out the good china on holidays. Or do you break open a bottle of champagne to celebrate a momentous event? Or perhaps you only read for pleasure on the weekend or when you are on vacation. The first thing I would like to encourage you to do is bring those small pleasures into your daily life. Break through the arbitrary boundaries that we all tend to put around little luxuries. You can actually use and enjoy these items in small moments each day.

But, even more than that, I want to encourage you to increase those times by converting ordinary objects and moments in your life to special, even sacred, ones. By adding small, but cherished moments to your daily life, I believe you can provide nourishment for your soul. And that will help to uplift you through more difficult times.

There are several ways that I have elevated mundane moments in my life to something that becomes sacred to me:

Small Objects

One of the easiest things to change in your life is the objects you use on a regular basis. If you (like me!) savor your morning coffee, make a small investment in a beautiful coffee cup or a mug with a slogan that makes you smile. An antique vase or bowl can hold your vanity items to elevate your morning routine. And photos of loved ones or cherished vacations can uplift your mood in your office or laundry room.


I love adding special and meaningful rituals into my ordinary routine to give myself a small respite in the middle of my day or week. A favorite of mine is a bubble bath complete with candles and music. But infusing any task with an intention of love or gratitude can completely change the way you approach it and how you feel about it…perhaps while spending a few minutes outside during your lunch break, you can truly focus on the majesty of a tree or open your perception to a butterfly floating through your path. And my days are always best when I begin them with a meditation that includes relaxing music and some of my favorite aromatherapy oils wafting out of a diffuser.


Turning your surroundings into a sacred space for yourself can completely change the energy of your office, bedroom, or even entire home. Begin by de-cluttering your space, then add in elements to beautify and sanctify it. Bring in favorite colors with throw pillows or other small accents. Add candles, photos, and plants. Invest in a salt lamp. Add a speaker to play some of your favorite music. The possibilities are as vast and unique as you are! What brings you joy and makes you happy to be in that space?

By adding small moments of pleasure and luxury into otherwise ordinary spaces and routines, you are sending a message of worthiness and nourishment to the most important person in your care—YOURSELF! Take time to smell the roses, sip the tea, and feel the breeze. You will thank yourself, and your Self will thank you.

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