Personal Nutritional Counseling: The Body Balance Method

9. Personal Nutritional Counseling: The Body Balance Method
Personal Nutritional Counseling: The Body Balance Method

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Nutrition affects every part of your wellness. 

Today, we are with Chrissy Lim and Stefani Wooldridge, creators of the Body Balance Method, which focuses on personal nutritional counseling to increase health, wellness, and balance in its clients.  

In This Podcast:

01:02 – What is Body Balance? How did Chrissy and Stefani see the need for this sort of approach?
03:17 – Determining the best eating plan and choices for each individual.
08:47 – The body Balance approach.
11:57 – What are some signs that things might be out of balance in your body?
14:54 – Are there certain times when an approach like this is most indicated?
15:50 – Lifestyle versus Diet.
17:50 – What is their whole program?
19:33 – Food recommendations from Chrissy and Stefani.
24:43 – Specifics of the testing.
27:36 – Body Balance to reduce inflammation and improve gut health. Why this is important.
30:27 – What do they like to do to bring balance in their lives every day?
33:26 – How can you reach them?

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Body Balance Method:

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