You Are Worthy!

8. You Are Worthy! 2
You Are Worthy!

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Do you feel held back in your life? Or maybe you are lacking a sense of fulfillment? Understanding your true authentic worth may be the reason. 

Join Amy & Cheryl as they discuss worthiness: what is it and where does it come from? What are ways that worthiness--or a lack of worthiness--manifests?

In This Podcast:

02:06 – What is worthiness and why is it such a big deal?
02:27 – Authentic (Self) Worth vs. Market Worth.
05:27 – What Authentic Worth is NOT.
06:45 – Recognizing the voice in your head and your self-talk. “What is the story you’re telling yourself?”
08:50 – Your spiritual journey is not linear.
10:44 – What is our true, authentic self-worth?
16:05 – Judgment can sometimes show up as putting someone on a pedestal.
17:10 – The search for perfection...
20:47 – The things that have Market Worth are not necessarily negative or bad.
21:16 – Recognizing the separation between the voice in your head and your true, authentic, self.
22:22 – Journaling and other helpful tools.
24:03 – Learning to receive self-love.
26:26 – When you don’t get some big “AHA” while you’re meditating, don’t worry about it. It will come.
27:20 – Living in Freedom.

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