Getting “Unstuck” and Finding Clarity with Becca Ribbing

Getting “Unstuck” and Finding Clarity with Becca Ribbing
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Today, Amy and Cheryl are joined by Becca Ribbing. Becca is a life coach, writer, and author of The Clarity Journal. They discuss about the importance of journaling, the clarity it gives and how it helps people to be more aware of themselves. They also talk about covid19’s different effects in people’s lives and how pushing through everything is not really the right way to live by.

In this episode:

01:13 – Becca tells people a bit about herself and her book, The Clarity Journal, and helping people find their paths (or their next paths) in life.
01:50 – Getting “unstuck”. Why the answers need to come from within ourselves.
03:38 –How people went inward during COVID and many of us emerged with unique and different experiences.
06:35 –Becca discusses the importance of clarity and timing when making major decisions.
07:30 – The difficulty of making decisions when the world keeps changing.
08:20 – Why to avoid big decisions in the face of trauma.
09:20 – Making choices based upon your own inner voice verses what others feel you should do.
11:50 – Becca shares the reasons why she wrote her book and gives some tips for journaling.
13:30 – Your process needs to be authentic to you.
16:50 – The importance of change and friction for growth.
21:23 – Myelination and the benefit of creating new neural pathways.
22:00 – The importance of self-compassion.
25:20 – The benefits of maintaining some level of simplification in our lives and our schedules.                  
27:50 – Things that people can do to nurture themselves.
28:15 – Naming the different parts of your mind. (Have an inner-coach, an inner-best friend, an inner-mom, etc.)

To learn more about Becca Ribbing, her services, and her books, visit

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