Finding Your Purpose in Life with Dr. Lara Latimer

Lara Latimer
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On today's episode of EnVibe Life Conversations, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn are joined by Dr. Lara Latimer. Dr. Latimer is a life coach and a college professor. They discuss how to find one's true purpose in life, what really makes us happy, and how to achieve our goals. They also talk about setting up intentions and when's the best time to start.

In this episode:

01:15 – Dr. Latimer introduces herself and shares her background.
03:55 – Dr. Latimer shares her journey to living EnVibe.
08:00 – “The Great Resignation” and revisiting your purpose after COVID’s impacts on our life and society.
09:33 – Dr. Latimer gives tips to help people find their purpose in life and shares a Venn diagram that she uses: Venn diagram by Sarah Blakely:
12:20 - The importance of getting still, writing journals, and being bold.
17:14 - Amy and Dr. Latimer discuss regrets and how they have affected their lives.
23:23 - Releasing your expectations and practical ways to do so.
25:13 - The benefits of meditation and mindfulness.
27:05 – New Year’s resolutions versus intentions. Dr. Latimer discusses setting intentions and gives her advice going into the new year.

To learn more about Dr. Lara Latimer and her services, visit

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