Our Lessons from 2021

Our Lessons From 2021
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For today’s EnVibe Life conversations, let’s join Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn as they look back on this year. Let us listen while they share the lessons that they’ve learned and the many changes that had happen in their lives. And of course, their hopes and intentions for the coming year.

In this episode:

03:16 – Take the time when you need it.
03:47 – Give yourself permission to do or not to do something.
06:35 – Cheryl talks about the struggles they’ve gone through as a family and how living envibe had been challenging during that time.
08:47 – Amy shares the changes that happened in her life and how she learned to follow someone else’s lead.
12:49 – Cheryl and Amy discuss spiritual relationships and the support it offers to a person.
15:36 – Amy and Cheryl mentioned the importance of change and how covid gave them a new prospective.
20:24 – Amy and Cheryl encourage their listeners to reflect and look at what their life has become this 2021.

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