Eating Healthy During the Holidays with Lahana Vigliano of Nuvitru Wellness

Eating Healthy During the Holidays with Lahana Vigliano of Nuvitru Wellness
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For today’s EnVibe Life Conversations, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn are joined again by Lahana Vigliano. She is a clinical nutritionist and the CEO of Nuvitru Wellness. Lahana is also currently completing her masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. During this episode, Lahana will give tips for eating well during the busy and festive holiday time. They also discuss food testing, making choices that are right for you, and the importance of being prepared to eat and live healthy.

In this episode:

01:48 – Lahana shares a bit about her background and gives some eating tips for the holiday season.
03:25 – How you approach holiday eating depends on where you are in your health journey.
05:00 – What people need to avoid differs vastly for each person.
06:00 – The importance of being mindful of what your own body likes and dislikes.
06:45 – View your body’s reactions as lessons.
08:24 – Amy talks about her son’s journey to eating healthy and weight loss and what you can learn from eliminating foods from your diet.
11:30 – Learning to feel your body. Learning what optimum health feels like.
12:31 – The importance of being ready to eat healthy when you embark upon a new eating plan.
16:00 – Why do people often wait until something bad happens or they are ill to change their eating?
16:35 – Modifying the food at the holiday table to make it healthier.
20:30 – Lahana explains their testing process and the three categories of food reactions: (1) food allergies, (2) food sensitivities, and (3) food intolerances.
24:00 – How long does the elimination phase of an elimination diet last?
24:55 - What are the foods you can and cannot eat while you’re in the elimination phase of an elimination diet?

To learn more about Lahana Vigliano and Nuvitru Wellness, visit her at Nuvitru Wellness

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