Navigating Menopause and Perimenopause with Kelli Porter of Modern Women’s Health

Navigating Menopause and Peri-Menopause with Kelli Porter of Modern Women’s Health
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For today’s podcast, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn are joined by Kelli Porter of Modern Women’s Health. Kelli is a Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Menopause Practitioner. They discuss the symptoms of menopause and its stages. Kelli also discuss what they do in their clinic, what happens to our bodies during menopause, and the various treatments available to help women.

In this episode:

01:32 – Kelli’s background and training.
02:36 – Modern Women’s Health approach to practicing gynecology.
03:30 – The symptoms and stages of menopause.
04:15 – Every woman’s experience is different.
05:22 – Common symptoms of menopause (night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, pain with intercourse, headaches, depression, etc.).
07:20 – How does a past hysterectomy affect the stages and symptoms of menopause?
07:40 – “Surgical menopause”.
08:10 – Common lab tests to determine menopause stage:  FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and Estradiol.
09:45 – Other conditions that can mimic menopause.
11:10 – Treatment options to help women with menopause and perimenopause symptoms.
13:30 – You don’t have to accept the symptoms of menopause! There are treatments to help.
14:35 – Testosterone therapy. Symptoms of low testosterone in women.
15:28 –Options for women who can’t tolerate hormone therapy.
18:18 – The causes of vaginal dryness and treatments for it.
19:30 – GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause).
20:30 – Vaginal Estrogens and the MonaLisa Touch® laser as treatment options.
21:30 – Votiva vaginal rejuvenation.
22:20 –The O-Shot and the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

To learn more about Modern Women’s Health, their care options and treatments, visit Modern Women's Health.

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