Are You Feeling Over-Scheduled and Over-Stressed? So Are We!

Are You Feeling Over-Scheduled and Over-Stressed So Are We! (1)
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For today’s EnVibe Life Conversation, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn chat about being stressed out and over-scheduled. They touched on how people are adjusting to life after Covid-19 and the stress that comes with it. They also discuss the importance of having quiet moments and the intentionality of what you really want to do.

In this episode:

01:07 – Cheryl and Amy discuss the anxiety everyone is feeling coming out of Covid-19.
02:12 – Multi-tasking and its consequence. Just because we are able to multi-task doesn’t mean it’s good to function like that.
04:00 – Living lives of intentionality.
04:44 – The value of saying no sometimes.
05:00 – How we are coming back “full force” after COVID and bursting at the seams.
06:00 – Why do we feel like we need to do it all?
07:10 – Stresses of parenting.
13:00 –Stress and its negative effects on us.
16:58 – The lessons from emotional and physical triggers.
17:47 – Why do we over-schedule ourselves?
20:15 – Positive lessons from the pandemic.
21:26 – Strategies to avoid over-scheduling.

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