The Power of Your Intuition with Karen Cooper

The Power of Your Intuition with Karen Cooper
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For today’s podcast, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn are joined again by Karen Cooper. Karen is a psychic medium, an intuitive healer, and a Reiki master. They discuss Intuitive Healing and how it differs from Karen’s other practices. They also share how all of us can access and trust our intuition.

In this episode:

01:38 – What is Intuitive Healing?
02:35 – The difference between Reiki and Intuitive Healing.
03:53 – Opening our connection to our divine self and trusting our intuition.
06:00 – Using intuition to make choices.
06:10 – Intuition as a gut feeling.
07:30 – How society sometimes teaches us to ignore our intuition.
08:33 – Why we sometime feel guilty for following our instincts.
11:30 – Physical manifestations of intuition and how our body tells us what we need to know.
14:12 – Karen shares a story about how following her intuition as a mother (“mother’s intuition”).
18:00 – The importance of differentiating your intuition from your fears. How to do so.
19:35 – What is intuition and where does it come from?
21:17 – How is intuition different or related to ESP?
22:30 – What are some things you can do to open your channels of intuition?
24:44 – Does intuition only come in the form of feelings or can it come as external signs?
27:04 – Intuition as inspired action as a part of the Law of Attraction and Law of Manifestation.

To learn more about Karen Cooper, visit Karen Cooper Healing

To view the EnVibe Life Conversations podcast on Psychic Mediumship with Karen Cooper, click here.

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