Living With Gratitude

19. Living With Gratitude
Living With Gratitude

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Gratitude is one of the core values of EnVibe Life. It is central to our business, our relationship, and our friendship. We discuss how an intentional “attitude of gratitude” can help in many aspects of life.

In This Podcast:

02:41 – What is gratitude and how do you get yourself into a state of appreciation?
06:14 – Find gratitude in everything you do.
08:17 – Being in a place of gratitude puts you in an elevated emotional state.
12:00 – Using gratitude to elevate your emotional state when meditating.
15:21 – Getting into a state of Heart-Brain Coherence.
17:21 – The power of intentional breathing.
19:14 – You can find appreciation for simple things and small moments.
19:55 – Gratitude is a tool that can bring you back to an equal balance in your life.
20:48 – The practice of keeping a Gratitude Journal.
27:40 – Breath and gratitude are a powerful basis for wellness.
32:06 – You can teach yourself to be grateful.
37:44 – What are you grateful for?

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