How We Can Live Our Own SUPERLIFE

How We Can Live Our Own SUPERLIFE

After watching the Netflix documentary, “Down to Earth,” I became obsessed with Darin Olien.  I picked up his book, Superlife,” and now I can’t put it down. I found it to be so full of beneficial information that I started our first ever book review for EnVibe Life.  I’m sure there will be many more to come, as Amy and I are both avid readers.

Superlife highlights how we can maximize our body’s natural potential by focusing on five simple forces - Quality Nutrition, Hydration, Oxygenation, Alkalization and Detoxification.  Olien believes that just these five simple factors determine whether we will be strong, vital, fit and happy, or whether we will be sicklyinfirmout of shape and miserable. Further, they affect whether we will age well or badly or even at all. Wow, these are some serious claims, but I truly believe Darin Olien is on to something remarkable in his book Superlife!


Nutrition is the cornerstone of our health. We are inventing our bodies with every bite we take and each sip we swallow. What you see when you look in the mirror is a reflection of everything you have been putting in your body.  Let’s start with what we should be putting in it so that what is staring back at us is healthy and full of life. Olien believes that we should be eating a wide variety of whole, fresh, clean, foods - mostly vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, grains, sprouts, and healthy fats. Eat a lot of it raw. Also try and eat fresh and unprocessed foods.

Whole Foods or Processed

A study done at Pomona College and published in Food and Nutrition Research fed two groups of subjects’ meals that were identical in calories, fats, proteins and carbs. The only difference was that one group ate all whole foods, while the other had everything processed and packaged. Then the researchers measured the calories each group metabolized and found those who ate processed foods burned off only half as many calories as the others. According to the authors, “This indicates that diets with a high portion of processed foods will result  in increased energy assimilation and may be a contributor to weight gain.” So processed foods could be making us fat.  Who knew my microwaved popcorn was contributing to my ever-shrinking jeans!

Animal Products

One thing I noticed NOT on Olien’s permitted foods list was animal products! Okay, now he does say some people might not get all they need from a plant-based diet.  Therefore, some animal-based foods are a necessity.  But, according to Olien, we should eliminate or minimize meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. If we’re going to eat animal products, we should go for the unpasteurized, organic grass-fed milk and butter and organic free-range eggs.  If you’re eating meat, look for organic free-range/pasture-aised meat. Olien has many science-based studies backing up this nutritional guidance. 

Eat fresh and local. Let your senses be your guide...smell your fruits and vegetables. Then smell the chemicals in your chip bag. Our gut health influences our mood and emotional state. Feed your gut healthy options so it starts to tell your brain you want healthy food.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Everybody knows we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day.”  Well, there is a whole lot more to hydration than just drinking those 8 glasses. Water makes up 2/3 of our bodies. Just like any other product, water can be healthy and vibrant and functioning, or it can be insufficient to do its job right.

Distilled or Spring Water

When picking your water, Distilled or Spring water is what you want to look for. Distilled water is PH Neutral. It has no electrolytes and pulls needed salts out of the cells. Spring water typically contains minerals that distilled water does not. It is just harder to find actual spring water from a spring than it is to find distilled water. Many companies claim they are spring water, but when you research them further, you will find that this is not actually the case. Spring water that has been electrically charged is your best choice. When the pH is electrically charged, the health benefits increase by making it better at fighting cancer and degenerative diseases. We don’t have to understand water, we just have to acknowledge its power. Our kids also need to drink plenty of water, especially before school in the morning. Research has found that their test scores and academic abilities actually depend on whether or not they’ve been drinking enough water.


We take the signal of a dry mouth as the first sign we are dehydrated, but it’s actually the last sign. A dry mouth doesn’t mean we should drink something right away. It means we should have already been drinking. The brain is the last part of the body to dehydrate. So, by the time it’s sending the dry mouth message, you have already dehydrated all your organs, therefore creating cellular dehydration. Cellular dehydration creates many unfavorable internal conditions. Every fluid in our body becomes sludgy. We’re not eliminating waste as well as we should. Our immune system is slower to respond. We’re less able to create mucous membranes, which also means our digestive tracts will suffer. All enzymatic function will lessen, making our bodies more acidic, which then creates its own new set of problems. Our histamine level rises due to dehydration; therefore, we begin to react to allergens in the air that we might otherwise ignore. When your cells don’t have enough water, your body’s response is to slow everything down by slowing down the endocrine system...which results in reduced physical performance, headaches and symptoms of fatigue.

The Exercise Factor

We all know we should be exercising, but current studies show most people get no regular exercise...None, Zero! People who engage in regular exercise live three to seven years longer than those who don’t. Our bodies adapt to the stress of exercise by making us healthier. Our muscles and bones are stronger, our hearts and arteries become more capable, and our lungs are more efficient in delivering oxygen to our tissues when we get regular exercise. Vigorous exercises also suppresses hunger hormones. Physical duress of exercise stimulates the short-term release of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is normal.  Regular physical activity then lowers the long-term production of the hormone, which is a good thing.


Nobody will argue with the fact that we need oxygen to live. But oxygen can actually be medicine. Doctors measure our oxygen on a cellular level. When our cells are rich in oxygen, their messaging ability to adapt to changes in our internal environment and combat toxins is much greater.

The symptoms of low cellular oxygen include fatigue, circulation problems, poor digestion, muscle aches and pain, dizziness, depression, memory loss, irrational behavior, irritability, acidic stomach, bronchial problems, and overall immune problems. Dr. Leon Chaitow has studied improper breathing called hyperventilation. He found that prolongs period of this rapid and shallow breath can lead to chronic low back pain and colon spasms, and even weaken the muscles of the core. The diaphragm can constrict and clamp down on the nerves and arterial blood flow and restrict digestive passage into the stomach.


So, what can we do to keep our oxygen levels up and healthy? First, we adhere to a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Drink high quality water.  Even keeping plants around us is beneficial for maintaining healthy oxygen levels in our system. Meditative breathing exercises such as: breathe in for count of 5, hold your breath for the count of 5, breathe out for the count of 5, and hold for 5.  But, most importantly …exercise.  Exercise every day.  Exercising causes you to inhale and exhale deeply in a controlled way, thereby encouraging good breathing habits.

Do everything possible to get oxygen into your body.  Don’t just inhale it, get it from the foods you eat, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Breath consciously. Take deep inhales and exhales.  Breathing deeply through the nose is a great stress reliever. Get outside and find some trees and grass. Exercise daily with a controlled breath.  The breath moves the body. If it’s short and rapid, the body is stressed and tight.  When it’s deep and full, the body is loose and relaxed.


Our bodies to need to maintain a balanced internal alkaline-acid environment to run at their most optimal level.  We should run slightly more on the alkaline side vs. the acidic side. All our tissues and membranes become irritated and inflamed when they’re acidified.  When we are alkaline, our tissues hold more oxygen, which supports all the cellular functions, including our ability to rid ourselves of toxins. Our bodies are amazing machinery.  They do many things to keep us balanced such as sweating, breathing, excreting through our colon and bladder.  We aren’t even aware of most of these processes, yet, all of these things release acid when we’ve become too acidic.


There are several factors that might cause our bodies to become too acidic: dehydration, stress, prescription drugs, an overly acidogenic diet or an improperly functioning immune system. Some signs we’ve become too acidic: acid reflux, muscle loss, osteoporosis and rheumatoid disorders, fatigue, moodiness, headaches, cramps, poor digestion, dry skin and hair and cold hands and feet.

The best ways to maintain a slightly alkaline internal environment is to eat mineral-rich plant foods, find ways to eliminate mental stress and pay attention to the ingredients in our shampoo, body wash and toothpaste. Industrial chemicals and the preservatives and additives in our food contribute to metabolic acidosis.


Most commonly, when we talk about detox, we usually mean eat really clean for a week or juice for a few days or even only eat a certain packaged food program with a few supplements. But, our bodies know only that there are things - lots of things - that need to be thrown out. It’s our built-in detox system’s job to do just that.

We have several built-in detox systems. With every exhale, we blow out carbon, nitrogen, and other gases and toxins that would poison us. As we sweat, we are transporting urea and excess salt and minerals through our pores. Sweat also carries away bacteria and viruses that collect on the skin.  Our lymphatic system transports cells through-out our body and then returns with toxins to the lymph nodes, where they can be filtered and destroyed.  But our kidneys and livers are the main organs of our detox system.

foundation of detox system

Now, none of this amazing detox system would work very well if not for the other four life forces. Nutrition, hydration, oxygenation and alkalization are the true foundations of the detox system. The first step in detoxification is to take care of everything else. If we promote the good things and prevent the bad, we allow our bodies to be the strong disease fighting machines they are meant to be. With all of this being said, somewhere between 10% and 20% of disease is caused purely by genetic disposition.

The best ways to ensure our detox system is working at its peak is to get plenty of iron, copper, zinc, folic acid and the co-enzyme Q10, as well as the vitamins A, B (especially B6 and B12) C, and E. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are typically high in antioxidants, which is why it’s important to let your eyes guide you., Take care of the other four4 life forces and the body will detoxify itself. Take some essential supplements such as a Vitamin D supplement, which is also important in cancer prevention.

ONE LAST THING...The 6th Life Force!!!

The 6th—and most important- life force is attitude. Without this life force, we will never gain control of the other five. As Olien asserts in Superlife:

Having a great attitude- living the life we want, or at least going for it. By taking real action - bestows upon us some practical benefits. We are subject to magnetic forces like everything else on the planet, and it seems that like attracts like.  Your positive attitude and actions will draw you toward people who share that outlook, and they will echo and support your efforts to live well. We all give off energy - scientists are actually measuring this now, and studying the effects.  Emotions and mood have a powerful influence over our physical bodies. That we know for sure.

In my opinion, Superlife is packed with valuable information and well worth the read. Being healthy matters so we can have lives that are fantastic, happy, positive, balanced, full of passion, energy and love! This is truly living!!!

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