Suffering, Grief and Finding Hope with Sally Lombardo

Suffering, Grief and Finding Hope with Sally Lombardo
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For today’s EnVibe Life Conversations Podcast, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn are joined by Sally Lombardo. Sally is a chaplain and author who helps people cope with suffering and grief. They discuss the different manifestations of grief and the importance of processing those emotions. Sally also explains the kinds of losses people can face and how choosing hope can make a huge difference.

In this episode:

02:03 – Sally shares her background.
06:30 – Sally discusses Listening for the Soul by Jean Stairs, a book that helped her process grief and answer the questions that comes with it.
11:28 – The different manifestations of grief.
16:15 – What do we learn from suffering? Is there hope?
19:30 –The importance of choosing hope and how it can change lives.
23:36 – The many different kinds of loss and how it impacts people.
24:10 – Sally discusses All Our Losses, All Our Griefs by Kenneth R. Mitchell and Herbert Anderson, which outlines the six different types of losses people most often face in life.
27:36 – The challenges that can come with experiencing change and loss in life.
33:49 – The widespread community grief during COVID-19.
37:17 – Looking to examples of those who have found hope during grief and suffering.

Sally’s book, Seven Brave Women.

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