The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter
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Why is the heart so important??? For today’s episode of EnVibe Life Conversations, Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn discuss the importance of the heart and love in our wellness lives. They cover the heart chakra and its functions and the importance of balance in our lives. They go into how giving too much or too little can affect us, and, of course, they examine the heart and its many aspects.

In this episode:

01:42 -- The heart and the emotion of love.
02:50 – The body’s energy and messaging centers.
03:20 – The research done by The HeartMath Institute.
06:45 – Heart Rate Variability and how we can affect it. The power of the energy of the heart.
08:00 – Heart-Brain Coherence.
12:57 – The importance of loving all parts of ourselves.
14:40 – The importance of balance in the heart. Even too much heart energy can throw us out of balance.
16:45 – Signs of an under-activated heart chakra.
18:15 - Why do people get their feelings hurt?
22:52 –The physical aspect of the heart and various exercises to keep it healthy. (For more detail, see Cheryl’s article  Exercising for Your Fourth Chakra.)
29:07 – The heart chakra’s importance as the gateway between the lower and upper chakras.
30:48 –The flow of giving and receiving.

Heart Math Website:

Heart Math Article: Is it Possible to Care Too Much? Understanding How to Care Without It Becoming a Source of Your Stress

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